NeoCon 2019 Wrap-up

Posted on June 25th 2019

Each year, we are reminded why NeoCon is the world’s leading platform and most important event of the year for the commercial design industry. From stunning river-front installations to arcade-style playrooms, have a look inside the 51st edition of NeoCon, as told by Meadows’ Ancillary Specialist, Alexandra Glasure.

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“In my new role as a Designer/Ancillary Specialist at Meadows, I serve as the dedicated in-house expert and provide pricing for projects, proposals, and bids. In addition to conducting market research to remain up to date on ancillary lines, I regularly attend tradeshows and events throughout NYC to see what’s in the pipeline for manufacturers.

Held every June at The Mart in Chicago, NeoCon spans three [hectic yet very memorable] days. While NeoCon always stands out from other shows I attend, this year was especially notable as manufacturers’ – both major players and emerging companies – latest and most innovative offerings encapsulated the industry’s demand for beautiful and functional ancillary furniture. Each booth is different and embodies the uniqueness of each brand.

In this blog, I’ve compiled some of the standout ancillary discoveries from this year’s NeoCon. To see more of my favorites, head over to the Meadows Pinterest account where I’ve taken over and created my very own board!


“Presented by Haworth and designed by Gensler Chicago with Forward Fruit Branded Environments, the NeoCon Plaza plays on the idea of an Urban Boardwalk offering a welcome outdoor oasis within the city and whirlwind of NeoCon.” Source: NeoCon.com

An amazing and innovative addition to the NeoCon experience, the Social Spaces boardwalk, featuring furnishings by Haworth and Haworth Collection brands including Cassina, Cappellini, and JANUS et Cie, inspired visitors to connect, relax, work, dine, and recharge.

Shown here are Gan poufs and SEE! lounge by Haworth.

Shown here are Forest chairs, JANUScafe table, and JANUS Titan umbrella by Haworth.


Kin by Allermuir │ Chairs

Lasso by Naughtone │ Seating and Table System

Freehand by Studio TK │ Occasional Tables
(Winner of the HiP Award for Workplace Tables!)

Diamond by Sixinch │ Sofa
This was by far one of the coolest showrooms at NeoCon! It even attracted a celebrity visitor – Machine Gun Kelly! The Diamond seating collection is made entirely of foam and available in a variety of colors making it the perfect addition to any game/lounge area.

Photo Credit @sixinchrocks

Ginkgo by Scandinavian Spaces │ Wall Covering/Sound Management
Wall coverings not only reduce ambient noise and echoes in a room, but also serve as fun décor pieces. Bring the outdoors indoors and recreate a cloudy sky in winter or a forest ablaze with color during autumn.

Cabana by Haworth │ Lounge
(Best of NeoCon 2019– Gold Award and HiP Design Award winner!)
Described as “The first sofa system truly designed to deliver optimal user performance, comfort, and design to create unique destinations to work.”

That wraps up my top favorites from NeoCon 2019. To see more, click here or scan the Pincode below to visit the Meadows Pinterest account where I’ve created a board of ALL my favorite ancillary product from the show.”


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