raised access flooring

smart workspaces

Transform your space into a responsive and adaptable environment. It all starts under your feet. Raised access flooring is solid, sturdy, and adjustable, and it provides the architectural bedrock for spaces that are flexible, cost-efficient, and beautiful.


Raised access flooring provides the flexibility you need to transform your space, minimize costs, and get back to business. And, it allows for more programmability. Access to air, power, voice, and data under the floor lets you reconfigure your layout with minimal downtime as your workspace needs change. With utilities under the floor, you can reduce electrical installation labor hours by 30-40%. The result is shorter construction schedules and reduced costs.


  • Create open spaces without the need for power poles.
  • Update the design of existing spaces without limitations due to the location of power and data.
  • Flexible floor heights accommodate various finishes or functions within a space.
  • A wide range of available finish options and endless opportunities for customization.


Worker comfort is one of today’s top workplace issues. With raised access flooring, clean and newly conditioned air is introduced through the floor directly into the occupied zone, while impure air naturally rises to be removed from the space.


Raised access flooring helps reduce energy costs by pushing air up from the floor rather than down from the ceiling. Fans use 10-20% less operational energy, and fan power requirements are reduced because less ductwork leads to lower static pressures. HVAC systems are more efficient because the air is targeted where needed—in the space people work.


Underfloor air is one of the single most effective strategies, reaping savings in initial building costs and continuing operational costs, and for gaining LEED points. Our floors have been installed in some of the largest and highest scoring LEED-certified buildings in the country.


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