How to Host an Epic Conference Call

Posted on November 18th 2019

In the business world, conference calls are an inevitable part of the workday. And, while most people can agree that they’d rather be doing anything else, we’ve discovered a game-changing solution that is guaranteed to make your dreariest calls more enjoyable (and shorter).

Introducing the most important participant in your future conference calls: Evoko Minto is an intelligent conferencing device that operates smoothly with your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Simply gather your team and power on your Evoko Minto, and your conference is underway in seconds. No heavy equipment, no ugly wires, no fuss! When finished, return the device to its Wall Mount to charge, freeing up space on the meeting room table.

Easy to Use
Designed by the multiple award-winning Swedish designers No Picnic, Evoko Minto’s design is one of the keys to its great performance. So easy to use, absolutely anyone can master it. Its voice feedback and colored Halo Light instantly let you know what’s going on. The blue color, showing you a Bluetooth device is connected, changes to green when a call is active and instantly shifts to red when muted, letting you know you can speak freely.

Cut the Chaos
Say goodbye to miscommunications due to poor audio quality during conference calls. Evoko Minto is unique in its ability to hear what’s really important. Even in noisy environments and with people talking at different distances or moving around. Four directive microphones alternate to capture only the voice of the person talking and ignoring all distractions. No extra microphones are ever needed to easily cover a room of 20 people – leaving out all echoes and disturbing noises to deliver your message loud and clear to everyone on the call.

Evoko Minto makes it seamless for employees to gather and collaborate in the workplace. With its intuitive design and hassle-free setup, teams are fast-tracked to the core of their meetings. Interested in learning more?

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