Charging Solutions

Charging Solutions

In today’s world we are always connected, relying more than ever on mobile devices to handle all aspects of our daily lives. This makes battery life critical to maintain employee productivity and increase customer dwell time. No matter your application, Meadows’ charging solutions address battery concerns while keeping both team members and clients engaged.


Smartphones and mobile devices are key to your workforce, adding 9 hours of productivity per employee to the workweek. ChargeSpot wireless charging solutions help you keep your employees charged, connected and productive.

  • Convenient charging no matter where your employees are – in meetings, at their desks, or in break rooms
  • Add 2+ hours of battery life a day for your employees, by providing convenient charging access throughout the space
  • Maintain the look and feel of your offices while removing the clutter of wires
  • Provide an additional customer touch-point by offering branded charging solutions in customer-facing areas


KwikBoost creates mobile charging solutions designed to improve how people charge on the go. The KwikBoost family of products includes stations, power tables, and integrated power/charging solutions. They mix great design with elegance and efficiency to provide power to the technology we all depend on.


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