Workplace Amenities

Enhance the workplace experience with small amenities that make a big impact. These simple additions increase employee satisfaction, impress guests, and simplify office operations.


Bevi is a smart water cooler that customizes high-quality flavored and sparkling beverages, without the need for disposable bottles or cans. In so many words, it’s your still and sparkling, multi-flavored, eco-friendly, healthy water cooler that never runs out.

  • Offers a variety of flavors (natural, sweetened, or unsweetened) and the option for sparkling water
  • Automatically sends notifications via WiFi when you’re due for a refill or service
  • Lowers your carbon footprint by eliminating waste from plastic bottles and cans
  • Takes up a footprint space of 2′ x 2′, standing about 5′ tall
  • Set-up requires nothing more than power and a water source that can be up to 50 feet away
  • Also available: Bevi Countertop (18.5″ tall x 10″ wide)


Scent marketing is more than just diffusing a pleasant fragrance in a space. It is the art of creating a scent that amplifies a company’s brand identity and values.

  • Creating memorable experiences and emotional connections is critical to winning long term brand loyalty.
  • Scent has the ability to influence behavior and trigger memories almost instantaneously.
  • Customize a signature scent, which can be implemented into corporate branding guidelines.
  • Hands-off installation and maintenance.


TopBrewer brews a perfect cup of fresh-bean coffee – every time. The beautiful, patented stainless steel tap is designed to be built into any tabletop. The simplicity of the TopBrewer fits elegantly into any surroundings and allows you to focus on more direct contact with your customers or clients.

  • The Scanomat TopBrewer App allows users to quickly select and brew their favorite beverage
  • Coffees are brewed in 15 seconds; espressos in 25 seconds
  • Automatic daily cleaning makes maintenance easier


Enomatic Wine Dispensers offer a personalized experience through flexible and innovative systems that also align to your space management needs.

  • Patented preservation system protects wine from oxidation and ensure the integrity of taste, aroma, body and color for over 24 days
  • Computerized monitoring of quantities dispensed
  • Automatic cleaning of nozzles after each delivery
  • Individual housing of bottles, which may be different heights and shapes