Sound Management


Our partner, Cambridge Sound Management, can provide value-engineered solutions for any sound masking, background music, or office paging needs – from single-speaker systems to systems using state of the art DSP processors and covering hundreds of thousands of square feet. Cost effective sound management systems can be installed above suspended ceilings, below access floors, and in open structure facilities.

Open Office Privacy

  • Adding sound masking to an open office space is the acoustical equivalent of tripling the distance between workers.
  • Sound masking systems reduce conversational distractions while increasing worker concentration, productivity, accuracy and satisfaction.
  • Sound masking can help solve the lack of privacy caused by decreasing workstation heights and less room absorption.
  • Systems are designed for every size of office space and for all types of construction – including solutions for open offices, closed offices, SCIF, and secure rooms.
  • Networked systems can be assigned any mix of masking, paging, and music on a per speaker basis.

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