Manager of Project Management


Manages the project management (PM) department, and all PM personnel and is responsible for the overall performance of the staff and department. Basic responsibilities include workload management, departmental budget adherence, representing PM in sales presentations, professionalism and accuracy of department, etc. Work with designated PMs, and integrative responsibility, for all aspects of assigned contract furniture & walls projects, from inception of project to final close-out and invoicing. Manages the PMs regarding plans, coordination and overseeing all tasks, critical dates, client and third-party interface and relations, performance quality and customer satisfaction, budget and project administration for each PM assigned project. Is responsible for entire business transaction for each project.



  • Analyzes sales projections, level of PM activity and senior management team feedback for the best deployment of PM resources; manages team assignments to ensure workload activities are appropriately balanced and supported
  • Assures maximum staff productivity through reviews, prioritizing and coordinating staff schedules, and negotiating deadlines in order to meet client requests/needs
  • Checks work progress to redirect activity and resources to meet project goals and time frames
  • Provides coaching and direction to staff PMs working on projects
  • Monitors PM hours on all projects, and works with PMs to ensure that actual time spent on PM work is within the estimated hours for those projects
  • Monitors and manages the PM budget within the guidelines provided by senior management and the accounting department
  • Represents the PM department at management meetings, expressing project and staff concerns, seeking feedback on PM performance and assisting upper management in the dissemination of company decisions back to the PM department
  • Provides professional customer interface and client relations throughout projects


  • Assists in establishing fees, developing quote/presentation and making presentation to customer or for bid inquiries
  • Provides technical consultation to customer and customer’s team
  • Works with PM’s to be single point of contact for, and coordinates with, client and all third-party firms (A&D firm, contractor, cabling vendor, building manager, electrician and other trades, client’s facility and IT groups, movers, etc.)


  • Ensures development of top performing PM’s through selection, training, performance evaluation, and coaching of staff
  • Recruits and hires the best PMs; offers training and professional development programs or opportunities to allow PMs to become more professional, efficient and capable
  • Coaches individual PMs to become more effective at their job
  • Conducts performance reviews, and works with the human resources department on raises, commendations and any disciplinary actions necessary


  • Requests quotes from Delivery and Installation Partners based upon SOW to determine the best partner for the specific project
  • Maintains detailed project documentation, including documentation of key project decisions and customer/project requests/revisions
  • Provides timely, formal written communications throughout projects to client, dealer and project team
  • Manages accurate and detailed record keeping, including receiving documentation, time sheets and contract adherence, signoffs and approvals, key decision records, etc


  • Works with the IT department to evaluate and acquire the best software productivity tools for the department
  • Trains Project Managers on Workflow and maintains its use in the field
  • Works with management to ensure that the PM department has computer and office equipment that maximizes productivity at a cost-effective price


  • Has strong product and technical knowledge, including applicable building codes, correct product application, custom applications and pricing, price estimating and solicitation, electricity and cabling, etc.
  • Has the ability to produce takeoffs, specifications and order ready documentation if required
  • Has the ability to analyze, plan, schedule and implement project installation
  • Has a strong knowledge of all aspects of contract furniture management, including account management, project management, order preparation, order management, installation, relocation and contract furniture administration
  • Has a working knowledge of interior construction, demountable walls, moves and relocations, trucking, furniture manufacturing and shipping, building management and current workplace issues


  • 5+ years Project Management experience
  • 5+ years Managerial experience
  • AAS Degree or better
  • Previous Haworth specification+
  • Previous Architect agency+
  • Database experience: NetSuite knowledge+
  • MS Office, Excel advanced level
  • Detail-oriented
  • Effective multitasking


  • Competitive, based on experience