Meadows PPE Fulfillment Program

An integrated service ecosystem

By combining the power of Meadows’ technology and support team, companies can take advantage of a comprehensive tool kit to manage all the preparation and ongoing maintenance required to return to the office.

Program Elements

PPE Procurement

For inventory and on-demand requirements.

Local Deliveries

PPE Supplies shipped to any location, but local deliveries available in the NY tri-state area.

Cloud-Based CRM

For management of fulfillment programs and service levels.

Support Network

Resources for PPE fulfillment requests, disinfecting & cleaning appointments, and any furniture, inventory, or warehousing requirements.

Custom Web Portal

To access PPE inventory tracking and request PPE deliveries or cleaning services on-demand.

How does it work?

Partner with Meadows.

In partnership with Meadows, companies enrolled in PPE Fulfillment Programs enjoy a value-added suite of services saving them time and money.

Members solve challenges.

Procurement and office managers can schedule routine PPE deliveries and cleaning services once, and the supplies will arrive on time, as requested, without the constant stress of ongoing sourcing and procurement.

Bulk order savings.

Members subscribed to Meadows programs receive white-glove service & support, and by purchasing PPE supplies in bulk, they receive additional savings and discounts.

A Typical Program Includes

  • Initial PPE Inventory Procurement based on comprehensive needs analysis
  • Creation of custom Meadows Workstation™ portal
  • Pre-scheduled PPE supply deliveries on a regular rotation
  • On-demand supply deliveries as required
  • Designated bin for secure storage of PPE supplies, whether procured through Meadows or from others
  • PPE inventory monitoring in Meadows Workstation™
  • Service requests submitted easily via the Meadows Workstation™ support module
  • Ongoing storage for excess furniture & fixtures with in & out deliveries on-demand

Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

  • Multiple cleaning services offered for one-time or ongoing requirements at corporate or branch offices: Disinfecting Cleaning; Disinfecting & Deep Cleaning; and Furniture Cleaning.
  • Cleaning with products based on CDC and EPA guidelines.
  • Electrostatic spraying post cleaning, utilizing CDC approved disinfectant mixed with positive charged ions to provide effective and even coverage.

Furniture & Fixtures

Office Safety Precautions include

  • Removing and storing select wait area & meeting room furniture to provide appropriate social distancing
  • Replacing standard wait area & collaborative area chairs with furniture that provides more division
  • Adding movable divider screens
  • Installing desktop divider screens

Less is More

Meadows turn-key suite of services enables businesses to leverage one vendor with a dedicated support staff to help them return to their offices quickly and safely.