The Integrated Workspace

Posted on October 5th 2017

Integrating the right technology solutions into your workspace means enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Meadows Office Interiors offers a full suite of workplace technology solutions, and we’re experts at helping customers integrate these products into new or existing environments.


Present, annotate and collaborate on a giant tablet with meeting participants in the room and around the world. Allow guests to share multiple screens by connecting wirelessly – no matter the operating system or device. These digital solutions change the way people interact with information, collaborate, and connect. Ultimately, meetings are more engaging, content is more immersive, and audiences are more involved.


Relying more than ever on mobile devices, battery life is critical in maintaining employee productivity. Providing convenient charging access throughout the workplace gives employees hours of additional battery life each day. And wireless solutions help maintain the look and feel of your space by removing the clutter of wires.


Proper wire management keeps a workplace looking sleek and uncluttered, while also ensuring that important technology and devices operate efficiently. And, concealing and organizing loose and tangled wires protects against dangerous safety hazards.


Adding sound masking to an open office space is the acoustical equivalent of tripling the distance between workers. Designed for open and closed offices of any size, this unobtrusive background noise reduces conversational distractions, improves workplace privacy, and increases worker concentration and satisfaction. Cost effective sound management systems – in addition to background music and office paging – can be installed above suspended ceilings, below access floors, and in open structures.


It all starts under your feet. Raised access floors provide the architectural bedrock for spaces that are adaptable, responsive, cost-efficient, and beautiful. Access to air, power, voice, and data under the floor lets you reconfigure your layout with minimal downtime whenever your workspace requires change.


This suite of tools integrates meeting room and desk booking software with elegant touch screens for a truly pioneering solution that will transform your workplace. Plug and play digital signage effortlessly connects to your calendar for simple, effective meetings. Beacon-enabled, state-of-the-art touch screens connect to a sleek mobile app for a seamless booking experience.